Ask Questions to Become a Better Closer

Ask Questions to Become a Better Closer

When you are looking to find a new recruit, the best way to connect with someone is to find their “need”. Think for a moment what happens if you don’t work on finding someone’s need.  How do you do this?  Ask questions become a great recruiter!

You may start talking to someone who you think would be GREAT in your business.  They seem smart, highly motivated…and you want to tell them more about your company.  You start telling them how GREAT it is to be able to earn extra money so they can spend more time with their kids and go on some WONDERFUL family vacations!!  And you’re super duper confident that this opportunity can do that for them!!!

However……your “prospect” seems to be giving you a blank stare.  You stop to ask if that sounds like something that would be great for them.  And they tell you that they are single.  And they don’t like to travel.  As you’ve been talking, you have been building a block in their mind that this company and this opportunity are not for them.

It still could be, IF you are able to find what THEIR need was, and talk to them in their language.  Show how your company can fit that need that is so important to THEM.  You see, not everyone has the same need.  It would be great if everyone wore their need on their sleeve and it was visibly plain as day…but it’s not.  You have to do a little digging.   More importantly, you have to do a LOT of listening.

Basically, most people’s “need” is based on one of four areas:

F – Family  – They want to spend more quality time with their family.  Maybe a woman wants to be an at home mom instead of working outside of the home.  Maybe a man wants to make enough to allow his wife to be able to do that.

O- Occupation – They want an occupation that is fulfilling.  Maybe they want to be in a different line of work.  Maybe they want a less dangerous job.  Maybe they want something that gives back to people.

R – Recreation – Recreation often involves a different lifestyle.  They want a vacation, a motor home or snowmobiles.  Maybe it’s just the ability to travel when and where they want.

M- Money – They want money to be able to do the things that they can’t do now.

So how do you find out what their “hot buttons” are?  Ask some very simple questions or make some simple statements…and see what their answers are.

“You must love your job!”

“You must go on some great vacations!”

“I bet you make GREAT money at your job!”

“Do you have any fun plans for vacations this summer?”

“What brought you to your current job?”

Make sure to phrase your statements in a positive way.  People will be more honest with you this way.  Now pay CLOSE attention to what they say.  If their answers are negative (as in “are you kidding, I HATE MY JOB!”) ask another question…”So if you could do one thing differently, what would it be?”

And THERE will be your magic answer!!  That will be the need…whether it’s “spend more time with my kids”   “have a great vacation”   “make more money”.  THAT is what you zero in on as you work on how your business can meet their needs.

Now you can talk to them in their language.  Your opportunity talk can focus on the family, occupation, recreation or money needs that your company can meet.  Become laser focused on the need that they sound most passionate about.  When you work on finding someone’s need by asking questions, and show them how you and your company can meet it, your prospect will be MUCH more likely to listen!

Understanding the 4 Different Types of Network Marketing Companies

Network Marketing is a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry that has become the saving grace for many of the worlds “income seekers” during these rough economic times. If you’re considering partnering up with a company, you’ll find that there are numerous types of niches that exist within the Network Marketing Industry Benefits that fall under four main categories.

Below is an overview of the four main industries and what they offer to partnering reps:

  1. Health and Wellness

The most common niche that exists in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Industry today is the health and wellness niche. This industry is considered to be the most popular since more and more people are starting to become health conscious, along with the influence of the aging Baby Boomer population.

These products are highly consumable and have a wide appeal to the masses. They are usually called “alternative medicines” due to their ingredients consisting of natural herbs.

The Health & Wellness products generally promote improving body ailments, enhancing the energy and body’s immune system, while others even promote rapid weight loss without negatively harming the body.

This niche is big on autoship, direct sales and consumable products.  Working within this niche will allow you to build up a large residual income if you have a great deal of sales reps focusing on customers who consume the products and commit to autoship.

  1. Cosmetics and Personal Care

Following the trend of health and wellness is cosmetics and personal care. This niche focuses primarily on direct selling and consumer products as well, but instead of dealing with products to benefit your health, they deal directly with the image industry.

Make up and personal care product companies are designed to simply help you look your best. While health an wellness helps you feel your best, Personal care companies help you look your best.

Personal care product companies provide full marketing tools and training for specific product lines that are introduced to the market. The product line is promoted by throwing home parties, demonstrations, and business opportunity meetings. While health and wellness focuses more in recruitment, the compensation in cosmetics and personal care comes from the total number of products sold within a specific time period.

  1.  Internet Marketing Companies

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, more people are becoming Internet savvy and are seeking ways to financially benefit from it. With this Internet Marketing Revolution, network marketers are starting to switch to online marketing to promote their products and services.

As the world gets more comfortable with making purchases online, a new niche of Network Marketing industries has surfaced, and we will discuss two of these primary Internet Marketing companies below:

    1. E-commerce Companies

These are Network Marketing companies that sell various products and services over the Internet. They range from clothing lines to books to various informational tools amongst other services.

One of the most profitable Internet businesses deemed by these companies is e-book selling. The cost to create an e-book is little to none, keeping overhead very low.

Another great benefit to Internet products is that they don’t even have to pay to ship the products to the customer, thanks to digital downloads. Once purchased, the product can be instantly downloaded directly to the client’s computer, making the customer extremely happy and the company excited with pleasant profits.

Other types of downloadable information products include CDs and DVDs instruction guides and manuals, which these companies also provide as well.

    1. Internet Service Companies

There are also companies that specialize in selling internet services. Their business services focus totally on servicing the marketing with Internet tools like web hosting, web design software, auto responders, and e-mail marketing systems.

The market for this type of network marketing  company is virtually unlimited since millions of traditional businesses are now recognizing the internet as their most powerful marketing and promotional tool.

  1. Party Plans

Another popular type of niche within the network marketing industry is the party-planning niche. It is mostly preferred by stay at home parents seeking for part time income.

A party planning business only requires minimum investment to obtain your product demos, websites, and other marketing tools. Considered as the most family-friendly of all network marketing companies, this business is a gratifying way to earn profits. By joining a party planning company, members get to enjoy flexible schedules and take pleasure from networking with various types of people.


There are additional niches within the network marketing industry that we didn’t cover here like the traveling niche, investments niche, energy companies and motivational and educational niches.  However, as you continue on your search to find the perfect fit for you, be sure to partner with one that you believe in, have passion for,  and will enjoy! Either way, there’s so much to gain from this industry that you can only win when joining network marketing!

To Your Success,

Adam Schwartz

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Find the Need and Become a Master Closer

Of the many networking skills you’ll want in your arsenal, showing people why they should join your organization is among the most critical. There is no set formula to do this, however, because each person is different and will want different things—wealth, prestige, family life, wellness, time freedom, and so on.

One approach people try is hard-selling, which we can safely say is hated by just about everyone. Hard selling involves pushing the actual product onto the prospect, using the sheer energy of your presentation to override any concerns or objections they may have. This is why many people pretend to not be at home when the salesman comes a-knockin’ on the door.

Nobody likes being sold!!  A client may buy your product or service to get you out of their hair, but you’ll lose a lot of goodwill and probably the chance to re-sell too. It’s even more disastrous for building a network because your organization won’t have a concrete relationship to stand on. You’ll have a cascade of fall-outs as soon as you turn your back on your new recruits.

There’s another approach that not only stands a better chance of closing a prospect but also fosters goodwill and a sense of cooperation: presenting your business as the best answer to your client’s need.

This is the opposite of hard-selling. You do less talking and more listening. You need to have some patience, a few good questions, and a sympathetic ear. Your goal is to find your prospect’s specific need before positioning your business as a solution.

Imagine sitting down with a prospect for the first time. Do you go straightaway into a presentation? Hardly! You’ll want to get to know them first. You try and chat for a while to build rapport. This is an excellent time to ask a few probing questions.

Probing is a subtle art. You need to come from genuine interest, without coming across as nosy. The key is to get the other person talking about themselves. This is usually easy to do, since we’re our own favorite subject.

Your objective is to steer the conversation towards topics that are important to them. Ask them to elaborate, clarify, share stories.  Doing so will eventually lead them to talk about what’s missing from their lives.

Here are some topics that can lead towards more meaningful conversation:


  • How is your wife doing?
  • How are your children?
  • How are your parents?


  • You must be doing very well in your job now, right?
  • Does your boss treat you well?
  • Do you have time for yourself or your family?
  • Are you happy with where you are?


  • So what’s next for you?
  • Are you aiming to buy a new home/car/business?
  • So are you thinking about retirement? How’s it going so far?

You can also steer the topic towards health, children’s education, or any present or future expenses. Find out where the problems lie. Maybe they’re worried about financing their home. Maybe they’re dissatisfied with their paycheck or their job status. Maybe they’re burdened with supporting their parents or an unemployed sibling. Maybe they’re facing an uncertain financial future.

Take the time to sincerely listen, to empathize with your prospect. Let them talk. Resist the temptation to jump in with advice. It’s important that you understand what they want and that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say. Only after they’ve finished talking do you thank them for sharing and then lead into your presentation:

“I understand you have these concerns and I’d like to see if I can help. I know a way that can benefit you financially/career-wise/health-wise, and you can do it at your own time and your own pace. Would you like to hear it?”

When they say yes, proceed to the presentation, making sure to point out how it will indeed help with their concerns. Come from the spirit of wanting to help. Show them that an extra means of leveraged income will solve a majority of their problems, and that you can coach them on how to do it.

By establishing a specific need and effectively communicating you have the basis for a business relationship. Your client won’t feel that you sold them something; they’ll feel as if you helped them make a wise choice. It will be easier to close the deal. In fact, you won’t have to convince them—they’ll convince themselves!

To Your Success,

Adam Schwartz

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Seven Body Language Signs of Effective Communication

Communication is key when doing any kind of business, and there is no exception in the network marketing communication.  Learning how to communicate effectively can explode your business! Did you know that communication is actually only 10% verbal? The majority of what we communicate can be found in the tone of our voice (30%) and our actions (60%). Your prospect’s behaviour provides clues as to how they’re feeling, which in turn tells you how to deal with it. But body language goes both ways. You must be aware of your own behavior too so as to get the best possible reaction from your audience. Bear these in mind when presenting to a possible member:

  1. The Eyes Have It

The single most important aspects of body language is, looking your prospect in the eyes.  This conveys respect, confidence, trustworthiness, and sincerity. Likewise, not doing so conveys fear, disinterest, lack of confidence, shame, and secretiveness.

It’s important to maintain eye contact while probing and building rapport with your prospect. Look at them longer and more often than at your presentation material. And it’s absolutely essential to look them in the eye when attempting to close.

If your prospect doesn’t want to meet your eyes, it’s likely that they’re intimidated by you or disinterested in what you have to say. Try to put them at ease by offering them something to eat or drink, or talk about common interests and other things you may both enjoy or care about.

  1. Lead with your Arms

Your arms can convey great emotion. Use grand gestures for high emotion, and keep your arms still for quiet, intense moments. Whatever you do, don’t cross your arms. This highly defensive position conveys anger or indifference. It practically screams, “I don’t care.”

If your prospect crosses his arms, he’s likely adopting a defensive position towards something you said. Try to re-engage them by shifting the focus back on them and what they want. Get them to participate. Instead of focusing on thoughts, ask them how they feel about what you’ve discussed.

  1. Mind your Head

Keeping your head at a level, steady position is a sign of confidence and sends the signal that people should listen to you. On the other hand, tilting your head to the side is a sign that you are receptive and ready to listen.

  1. Bridging the Gap

As much as possible, sit beside your prospect. Having a desk between you only underscores the initial emotional distance between the two of you. Bridge it by sitting together and talking as equals. But pay attention to how comfortable they are with your distance. If you sense them pulling back from you, you may be intruding on their personal space and should back off.

  1. Find the Right Angles

Simply put, we angle ourselves to face people we like or we’re attracted to, and angle away from people who repel us. Face your body towards your prospect while talking to them, tilting or leaning forward to bodily “listen” to what they say. Likewise, when a prospect leans towards you it means they’re interested in what you have to say.

  1. Handshakes for Dummies

To begin with, make sure your hands are warm and dry! Nobody likes a cold, clammy hand that shows its owner’s nervousness. A firm grip on your handshake shows that you’re confident, friendly, and trustworthy.

When your hands are palms-up, they convey friendliness and openess. Palms down convey dominance and maybe even aggressiveness. This usually comes to play when shaking hands for the first time. It’s best to offer a level, upright handshake so as to show you’re on equal footing.

  1. Watch Those Legs

Twitchy, restless legs betray nerves and stress; try to keep them under control by planting both feet on the ground. As with crossing your arms, crossing your legs is a no-no. The “Figure 4″ portrays you as arrogant, close-minded, or defensive. When your prospect does this himself, try to engage them in friendly, non-threatening banter.

In the end, people like to be liked. If you give every indication that you like the person sitting across from you, they’ll reflect the same thing back at you. And it’s always easier to present to a friendly audience. When you become excellent at communicating, your network marketing communication and your business will never be the same…in a good way!

To Your Success,

Adam Schwartz

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5 Benefits to Joining A Network Marketing Company

We are all familiar with why you don’t want to be in one of those “things.”  Unfortunately, for those who have the negative connotation stuck in their head about how bad they are obviously are missing these incredible upsides to network marketing. Finding a successful networking marketing mentor to follow and help guide you to success can be the difference in enjoying these five benefits, or always letting your goals stay just out of reach.  Find someone who you can follow and let them lead you to these five great benefits!

Time Freedom

One of the benefits that you get to enjoy when you sign up for a network marketing company is time freedom. You can enjoy the pleasure of working from home and having flexible hours.

You don’t have to wake up too early if you don’t want to. Instead of using it to dodge traffic to get to work; you can spend more time doing what you want and enjoying quality time with your family and little ones. Not only will you be spending more time with your family and friends, you will also find yourself doing the things that you haven’t been able to do for a long time.

With network marketing, you get to decide how many hours per week you are going to work, yet still manage to enjoy the financial rewards as if you were working a full time job.

You are Your own Boss

The beauty of joining the home-based business industry is that you get to be your own boss. All of the choices and decisions in running the business are made by you. No one will be looking over your shoulder to make sure it is done. You don’t have to follow a superior’s orders or live by someone else’s rules. You are accountable for your own actions and you are the only one who will decide how far you will take your business.

Though you may find it a little stressful at times, especially if you’re a beginner, you will see that it is much more pleasurable to work for yourself than to constantly abide by other people’s rules.

Financial Remuneration                                 

Every network marketing company proposes financial growth and success. All of them offer tremendous opportunities for excellent monetary rewards. With very little capital to no more than a membership fee up front, you are given the chance to attain higher standards of living than most of the people you know. You can even be a millionaire through your own efforts if you’re willing to put forth the work to do so. This one proven possibility makes the network marketing industry an alluring platform for everyone seeking to have a profitable business with minimum investment.

Allows You to Reach More Potential Clients

When you join a networking company, you meet different people whom you can share insights and ideas with. It helps you sharpen your business skills and increase its productivity. It allows you to reach more potential clients by means of referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Without putting much effort, you are connecting with more and more potential customers for your market while dramatically increasing profits.


A network marketing company can help you to develop self-actualization. It helps you achieve self-fulfillment by helping others realize their goals and dreams in life. By being in touch with others, you’re not only improving your financial status but also your personal development.

Network Marketing can be a lot of fun and an exciting way to add more enthusiasm and success to your life, once you have developed a reliable team that is supportive and moving in the right direction.  By finding a network marketing mentor who can lead you to success and freedom, you can have all of these in your own life!

To Your Success,

Adam Schwartz

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BeachBody Review: Get The Facts Not the BS!

It is important to get true facts about Beachbody Review before deciding to be a Beachbody coach. I commend you for looking at this Beachbody Review to determine if the scam claims are true. Beachbody is a well established company started more than a decade ago and is currently using the network network marketing platform and shown a great deal of growth in recent years.

The company sells fitness and health related instructional products and services. This Beachbody review injects on the opportunity to earn as a Beachbody coach and create a lifestyle of abundance for your family. The Beachbody opportunity is sometimes regarded as a scam and one that does not pay anything in return.

Beachbody Review of Scam Claims

Like every other business, there is some cost of getting into this set up that starts with a sign up cost of $ 39.95. There are some operating expenses relating to having products on hand which could range between $200 and $1,000. Concluded in this Beachbody Review is there is not much of a start up or operating expense included with running  Beachbody business. One of the great advantages to being a Beachbody coach is that it gives you the opportunity to earn money from home while not having the overhead of a traditional business.

Those who claim it to be a scam are often the former coaches who just cannot make it. According to the Beachbody Review, once you get started with the company, you have to put in effort to brand yourself and generate leads and this has to done by the coach himself or herself.

Beachbody Review of How the Company Works?

Something that people miss in the Beachbody Review is that it gives you an option to earn in multiple ways. You are purchasing the company’s products at whole, and you are able to make a retail profit. This is a very simple concept, just like any other retail store.. In addition, you will get a commission every time you refer a new coach to the business. In this format, you will earn money based on the efforts of the coaches that you refer into the business, that they refer into business, ect. The overall goal with Beachbody is to become a diamond consultant.  You can achieve this goal by referring a certain amount of people into the business and doing a set amount of sales in your organization.

Beachbody Review of How to Make the Most of the Opportunity?

Unfortunately, some people see Beachbody as something they can get involved with, put very little effort into, and become filthy rich. Beachbody review shows that it is a viable opportunity. However, a person must put time and energy into working the business and exposing the business as much as possible. Making use of the internet to have people to generate leads and have people to expose your business to is an excellent way to become a top income earner in Beachbody. If you are looking at becoming a Beachbody coach after reading this Beachbody Review, I encourage you to check out the system provided to generate tons of leads for your you business!

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To OUR Massive Success,

Adam Schwartz

My “WHY.”  What’s Yours?


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How to Bring Up Your Business In a Casual Conversation!

Every time that we walk out of the door and into the public, we have the ability to market our business.  Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising out there, and it better start with you if you want to be successful!  Take a look at these great tips to bringing up your business in a casual conversation!

1.      Practice active listening

In order to do this, you have to actively listen to your prospect. Keep in mind that a good conversation contains more active listening than talking. It should be relaxed and flows naturally based on your common interests. You are looking to build a long-term relationship with your prospect. So keep it interesting, educational, and inspiring.

2.    Find the needs of the person you are talking to

You can gain insight on people’s needs and priorities and what matters to them most during a conversation. Listening actively can help you pick up on those insights and understand them thoroughly.

Oftentimes, your prospects will show you how interested, excited, or engaged they are through their Body Language.  If you pay attention to their physical engagement, you’ll notice that they’re communicating separately from their actual words, and showing you how they really feel. You can also tell whether they are bored or detached from the conversation through the same way.

3.     Make them comfortable

Increase their level of trust and comfort with you by building on the conversation and showing your true interest and knowledge about the subjects that you are discussing. Use questions to clarify points and to keep your prospects attention in the conversation. Stay engaged to get a good feeling of what they really want and how they want their life to be changed.

4.     Show that you can help them

Once you have established a rapport and finally understood what their needs and wants are, show them that you have the capability to help them get it done. It is very important to bridge the gap between what they need and what you can offer. It would be an easier job for you if the opportunity you present is truly what the person needs. The offer should really help your prospect, not confuse them. Just pushing a product for the sake of selling can not only damage your reputation, but also ruin the work you put into building a personal and business relationship with your prospect.

5.     Maintain the lightness of the conversation

Keep in mind that it’s not an opportunity meeting. It’s just a casual conversation. So don’t try to push it into a sales call. It will do more harm than good. Just give them an idea about the business and insights on how it can help them. Build the trust and leave them wanting to know more. If they are really interested, they will let you know.

6.     Accept the feedback of your prospect

Not all good conversations lead to a potential business relationship. Your prospect may find a way to take control of the discussion and make you forget about your offer. They may even refuse the moment you try to open the subject. These reactions are normal especially if the person you’re talking to is not really into network marketing. Don’t be upset. Simply move on to the next prospect and practice working on more great conversations.

Following these steps will help you be more successful when bringing up your business in a casual conversation.  Always keep your business hat on and be looking for opportunities to present your business to potential prospects!  Happy prospecting and recruiting!

To Your Success,

Adam Schwartz

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When was the last time you thought "TGIF?"

I was just sitting here thinking, I haven’t had to think about the day of the week for a very long time.  I get up in the mornings, help my two daughters go about their day and try to teach them the proper values to be great people, work my internet marketing business for a few hours, work my primary opportunity for a few hours, and am close to replacing my income as a full time insurance agent and financial planner in 3 to 4 months.


I can’t stress to you enough that this is the life that I have always dreamed of, and you can have it too!  To have the OPPORTUNITY to see my 1 and 3 year old daughters learn and be a stay at home Dad is incredible.

And this all started as an opportunity as one of my good friends approached me 17 weeks ago with something that he was excited about.  I was in a comfortable position, didn’t need anything else but I understood that I had a chance to create the lifestyle that my family deserves.

So what’s the difference between those that are successful and those that see the same opportunity, the vision, get excited, and then 30 to 90 days later all of their dreams that they saw just a short time ago are thrown aside for the same life that they had before.


That’s it.  It’s simple.  And there’s really no more to it.

But why and how do some people have instant success and others it takes a matter of years to start having the same success?

Everyone has a process and that process is to be respected and understood when you join a network marketing company.

With the people that have relatively fast success, their process started a LONG time ago.  They began plugging into personal growth material a long time ago.  They started getting their mindset right along time ago.  They started learning the commitment level a long time ago.  AND…

They NEVER want to have to go back to their old lifestyle and are willing to CUT ALL SOURCES OF RETREAT!

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be plugged into some personal growth materials some time before I was ever introduced to network marketing.  At the time, I didn’t know how much it would affect my upcoming business adventures in the network marketing industry.

In addition, I am a self taught “computer nerd.”  As I was growing up, computers always intrigued me and I soaked up any and all information that I could.  I didn’t know why or how I would ever use the information.

Then it came into my life, My Lead System Pro.  I am not suggesting that you have to be a “computer nerd” to be successful with MLSP, but I am suggesting that it helps to decrease that learning curve!

I am so excited to be involved in this incredible industry, be able to put my skills to use on the computer, my passion for helping people, and my previous business experience to work!  If you haven’t gotten your mindset right, not a part of the industry, or My Lead System Pro I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.



Yours in Success,

Adam Schwartz

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BeachBody Coach Scam: What a Crock!

If you are concerned and want to know the truth about the Beachbody coach scam, you are at the right place. I have investigated the issue as a third party and found the answer. Beachbody is an established company with more than a decade experience. It uses of multi-level marketing as its marketing method to expose its products to the public.

Still, there are many people who talk about the Beachbody coach scam while stating that being a Beachbody coach is not worth it. However, there are many people who are able to make a significant income from this great opportunity.

What about the Beachbody Scam claims? Are they true?

Are the Beachbody scam claims true?  Absolutely not. Beachbody is among the top respected companies in the MLM industry. It is a company that is in the business of health and fitness courses through DVDs and has an extensive network of coaches who carry out the activities in their area just like any franchise does. Beachbody coach scam reports say that it is not a real opportunity and you are wasting your money.

In contrast, there are many people who are making the most of the Beachbody opportunity. The problem is that being a Beachbody coach is not a easy. Just like a traditional business, a person has to put in the necessary effort in order to win! The investment in your Beachbody products are nothing compared to your earning potential.  People who fail to put in the necessary effort to be successful resort to things such as writing about the Beachbody coach scam.

Why people fail Beachbody?

People are unsunccessful with Beachbody because they do not put the time, effort, or investment into making it a true business. The other reason is that they want to earn millions in a short amount of time. To avoid this ‘beachbody coach scam’, you need to know how you can earn money with this opportunity. Being a beach body coach gives you an option to introduce more new coaches and you receive commissions. What most people miss is that they get a commission if the new coach makes some transaction with the company and buys products for use. This is pretty natural like any other business.

When you start, there is some initial investment that is in a range of $200 – $1000 which includes a sign up cost of $ 39.95.

How to succeed in this business opportunity?

Being a Beachbody coach guarantees you a success if you work hard and follow the right track. As there is no Beachbody coach scam, you can be a better coach and an inspiration for many. To do this, make the best use of internet to generate leads and refer new coaches who want to be in business with you! If you would like to use the same system that the top income earning Beachbody coaches are using to generate new potential business builders on a daily basis, click on the link below!

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To OUR Massive Success,

Adam Schwartz

My “WHY.”  What’s Yours?


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